Haroun Rashid's Anger and Bahlool's Forgiveness



Haroun hired a spy to ascertain Bahlool's religion and faith. A few days later the spy informed Haroun, that, according to his inquiry, Bahlool is among the friends of the Ahlul Bayt and Musa bin Jafar's very particular and faithful followers.

So Haroun called Bahlool and said, "I have heard that you are amongst the friends and lovers of Musa bin Jafar and do propaganda about his right and against me. To save your self from punishment, you have become insane."

"If that is so, then how will you treat me?"

At this Haroun could not control his anger, and, while in this mood, ordered his slave Masroor to, "Take Bahlool's clothes off and put a donkey's saddle on his back. Put the donkey's rein in his mouth, then parade him in the palaces and their surroundings. After that, cut his head off in front of me."

Masroor took Bahlool's clothes off; put a saddle on him, reins in his mouth, and marched him in the palaces' surroundings. Then he presented Bahlool to Haroun in that condition, so as to kill him.

Coincidentally, Jafar Barmaki was present at this time. He saw Bahlool's state and asked, " Bahlool! What was your mistake?"

"Since I told the truth, the Khalifa gave me his own garments as a reward."

Haroun Rashid, Jafar, and all those present laughed very much at Bahlool's answer. Then Haroun forgave Bahlool and ordered the donkey's saddle and rein to be taken off of him, and to bring nice clothes for him.

But Bahlool did not accept the clothes. He picked up his tattered clothes and left Haroun's palace.

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