Bahlool, a Bundle, Barley Bread, and Vinegar



It is said that Bahlool mostly spent his time sitting in a graveyard. One day, as usual, he went there. Haroun passed by, desiring to hunt. When he arrived near Bahlool he asked, " Bahlool, what are you doing?"

"I have come to visit such people who don't backbite, don't expect anything from me and don't cause me pain in any way."

"Will you tell me something about Qiyamat, Sirat, and the questions and answers about this world?"

"Tell your slaves to kindle a fire and place a flat iron pan over it till it becomes red-hot.

Haroun ordered it and it was done.

"O Haroun! I will stand barefoot on this pan and introduce myself. I will describe whatever I have eaten and worn. After that, you also stand barefoot like I did, introduce yourself, and describe whatever you have eaten and worn.

Haroun agreed.

Then Bahlool stood on the hot pan and quickly said, " Bahlool, a bundle (of tattered clothes), barley bread and vinegar." He said this and immediately came off; his feet were not burned at all. When Haroun's turn came, he couldn't introduce himself the way he wanted to, his feet got burned, and he fell off.

"O Haroun! Qiyamat's questions and answers are like this. Those who worship Allah, are content, and stay away from greediness of the world's rank and dignity will easily pass Sirat, but those who are attached to worldly majesty and splendor will be arrested with troubles."

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