Lake full of yoghurt



Mulla Nasrudin was walking past the lake, when he sees a wild-looking guy sitting by the bank with a big jar and a spoon. When he gets closer, Nasrudin sees that he’s spooning yoghurt into the water.

“Whatever are you doing?” asks Nasrudin.

“Oh,” says the guy, “I’m putting yoghurt into the lake. After a while the whole lake will turn into yoghurt, I’ll be able to sell it to everyone in town, and I’ll be rich!”

Nasrudin shakes his head – there’s obviously no point in reasoning with him. That evening at the tea-house, he tells a friend that poor Abdul has clearly gone mad.

The next day, the friend is out walking past another lake, and he can’t believe his eyes. There’s Nasrudin, and he’s spooning yoghurt into the water!

“But Nasrudin,” he says, “You just told me this was crazy. You know you can’t make yoghurt that way!”

“Well, yes,” admits Nasrudin. “But… supposing it worked!”

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