Nasruddin’s opinion



Chicken is for you

Mulla Nasreddin’s wife said to him at a buffet supper: “That’s the fifth time you have gone back for more fried chicken. Doesn’t it embarrass you?”

“Not at all,” he said. “I keep telling them, I am getting it for you.”

Memory Problem

Mulla Nasreddin was complaining about his wife to a friend. “I don’t know what I am going to do about her,” he said. “She has the worst memory in the world.” “You mean she forgets everything?” asked his friend. “NO,” said Nasreddin. “She remembers everything”

There is no Competition

The new man in town told Mulla Nasreddin, “I have come out here to make an honest living.” “Well,” said the Mulla, “There is not much competition.”

Nasruddin’s opinion

A young playwright gave a special invitation to Mulla Nasreddin to watch his new play. The Mulla came to the play, but slept through the entire performance. The young playwright was indignant and said, “How could you sleep when you knew how much I wanted your opinion?” “Young man,” said Nasreddin, “Sleep is an opinion.”

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