Sometimes, it pays to live without expectation



Mulla Nasrudin is walking past a cave when he sees a yogi, deep in meditation, and he asks the yogi what he is searching for.

The yogi says: ‘I study the animals and have learned many lessons from them that can transform a man’s life.’

‘A fish once saved my life,’ Nasrudin replies. ‘If you teach me everything you know, I will tell you how it happened.’

The Yogi is astonished; only a holy man could be saved by a fish. And he decides to teach Nasrudin everything he knows.

When he has finished, he says to Nasrudin:

‘Now that I have taught you everything, I would be proud to know how a fish saved your life.’

‘Very simple,’ says Nasrudin, ‘I was almost dying of hunger when I caught it and, thanks to that fish, I had enough food for three days.’

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