Bahlool and an Inspector



A Baghdadi inspector was boasting in a crowd that no one had ever cheated him yet. Bahlool was also in this crowd. He said to the inspector that his work is very easy and not worthy of taking pains over.

The inspector said, “You are saying so because you can't do this job.”

Bahlool said, “Regretfully, I have to do a very important job right now, or I would deceive you.”

“I am here. You go and immediately do your work, and then come back.”

“Okay. Wait for me here. I will immediately return.”

So, Bahlool went away, but did not return. After two hours, the inspector began to rave. He said, “This is the first time! A lunatic has given me this kind of deceit. He kept me useless for these hours unnecessarily.”

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