Bahlool's Decision



 An Arab beggar arrived in Baghdad. When he passed the bakery, he smelled the pleasing smells of many kinds of foods, but he didn't have any money. He took stale bread out of his bag and softened it with the steam coming out, and then ate it.

The baker astonishingly watched this for a few moments. When his bread finished, the beggar wanted to leave. The baker stopped him and demanded money. They exchanged hot words. Coincidentally, Bahlool passed by. The Arab wanted Bahlool's decision.

Bahlool said to the baker, “Did this person eat your food or not?”

“He didn't eat the food, but certainly benefited from its steam.”

Bahlool said to him, “This is correct. Listen!” He took a few coins out of his pocket, and one by one showed them to the baker, dropped them on the ground, and then picked them up. He said to the baker,“Take the noise of these coins.”

Extremely surprised, the baker asked, “What kind of way is this to give money?”

Bahlool replied, “According to my just decision, the person that sells smells and steam should, in exchange, get the noise and tinkling of coins.

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