Are You Ready For the Challenge?



There once was a boy, Asim who loved eating sweets. He always
asked for sweets from his father. His father was a poor man. He could not
always afford sweets for his son. But Asim was selfish and wanted sweets
otherwise he would not do any work and scream loudly,

The boy's father thought hard about how to stop the child asking
for so many sweets. There was a wise man living nearby at that time, The
boy's father had an idea. He decided to take Asim to the wise man, who
might be able to persuade the child to stop his temper tantrums.

The boy and his father went along to the wise man. The wise man
said to Asim, ir I have heard that you can eat a lot of sweets, is that tight?"

Asim replied, "Yes, I can eat more sweets than all the people of the

The wise man said, "Oh! A big claim indeed! I don't believe what
you said."

Asim was now intimidated, "Oh yes! You can challenge me any
time any day."

The old man said, "Ok, then here is my challenge. You will fast
every day for one month. But in Sehri you will have to eat three kilograms
of sweets, and in Iftar you will have to eat three kilograms of sweets, and
in dinner you will have to eat four kilograms of sweet. Do you accept this

Asim replied immediately, "Yes! I'll do it from tomorrow. 1 '

His father said, w O Wise man! I am already very poor; I cannot
afford so many sweets/

The wise man said, "Don't worry! 1 will pay for the sweets."

And so the challenge began. For three days Asim enjoyed eating all
the sweets. But from the fourth day he felt that there was something
wrong with his stomach. After one week Asim was tired of the sweets but
had to continue otherwise the whole village would laugh at him.

So the challenge continued for the whole month. Asim finally was
getting sick and tired of eating sweets all the time. He grew a bit fat also.
Finally the challenge was over. He went to the wise man and said, "See J I
accepted your challenge and I have won," The wise man replied, "Good!
Very good! I congratulate you on this great achievement."

Asim's father whispered in the wise man's ear, "But O wise man! I
want him to stop eating sweets."

The wise man whispered back, "So you shall see. From now on he
will not eat sweets anymore."

The wise man told his servant, "Bring Asim his gift. He really has
won the challenge." The servant went out of the room and came back
with Guddu the sweet maker,

The wise man said, "Asim, here is your gift. From now on you can
eat as many sweets as you want, and you will not have to pay even a
pebble to Guddu for sweets. 1 will pay for it as long as I live. Now your
father will not have to bother about paying for sweets."

Asim. was shocked; he jumped up and begged the wise man, "No,
please no- I do not want to eat sweets for the rest of my life. No, I will
never eat sweets ever again- I am sick of them! I am totally fed up I Please
I don't even want to see sweets ever again, please take away sweets from
me or I will vomit."

And so, dear kids Asim never ever ate sweets again. But if you still
like sweets eat in limits otherwise they wilt spoil your teeth and make you
as fat as an elephant.

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