The Slap



One day, Nasrudin was walking down the street to work, when out of nowhere, a man came up to him and slapped him right in the face!

A surprised Nasrudin looked at the man.
The man looked back and, quickly realizing that he had mistakenly slapped the wrong man, turned red with embarrassment and immediately offered an apology.

Nasrudin, however, took the man to court.
After explaining his case to the Judge, the Judge made his ruling:
"I hereby order the plaintiff to slap the defendant in the face."
Nasrudin, however, did not accept; and the Judge, about to lose his patience with Nasrudin, changed the verdict:

"I hereby order the defendant to pay the plaintiff twenty dollars."
Nasrudin accepted, but the man said that he had to go home to get the money and bring it back.

Half an hour later, however, the man had yet to return; and Nasrudin couldn't wait any longer.
He went up to the Judge, slapped him in the face, and said, "I am running late and must go, so please accept the twenty dollars on my behalf."

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