Three Months



Three months after Nasrudin married his new wife, she gave birth to a baby girl.

"Now, I'm no expert or anything," said Nasrudin, "and please don't take this the wrong way-but tell me this: Doesn't it take nine months for a woman to go from child conception to childbirth?"

"You men are all alike," she replied, "so ignorant of womanly matters. Tell me something: how long have I been married to you?"
"Three months," replied Nasrudin.
"And how long have you been married to me?" she asked.
"Three months," replied Nasrudin.

"And how long have I been pregnant?" she inquired.
"Three months," replied Nasrudin.
"So," she explained, "three plus three plus three equals nine. Are you satisfied now?"
"Yes," replied Nasrudin, "please forgive me for bringing up the matter."

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