One beautiful spring morning, a merchant loaded his donkey with bags of salt to go to the market in order to sell them. The merchant and his donkey were walking along together. They had not walked far when they reached a river on the road.
Unfortunately, the donkey slipped and fell into the river and noticed that the bags of salt loaded on his back became lighter.
There was nothing the merchant could do, except return home where he loaded his donkey with more bags of salt. As they reached the slippery riverbank, now deliberately, the donkey fell into the river and wasted all the bags of salt on its back again.
The merchant quickly discovered the donkey’s trick. He then returned home again but re-loaded his donkey with bags of sponges.
The foolish, tricky donkey again set on its way. On reaching the river he again fell into the water.
But instead of the load becoming lighter, it became heavier.

The merchant laughed at him and said: “You foolish donkey, your trick had been discovered, you should know that, those who are too clever sometimes over reach themselves.”

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