The Prophet (SM) Infancy and Childhood



Muhammad (SM) stayed with his mother for a few days after his birth. Then, as was the Arab custom, Halima Sa'dia, a wet-nurse, took him and nursed him for two years. She was a good woman.

Halima, who had an infant son of her own, noticed that Muhammad(SM) always took his feed from the right side, leaving the left for Halima own child. She also noticed the blessings that came with him. Her goats gave more milk than before; the rains came after a long, dry period and food which normally lasted for only two days now lasted for four.

After two years, Halima brought Muhammad (SM) back to Makka. But the city was affected by a plague so Halima, who had seen the blessings of this child, insisted on taking him back to her own village. Muhamrnad (SM) then stayed for a further two years with his foster-mother. He was four years old when he returned to his own mother.

When he was six, his mother, Amina, took him to visit her relatives in Madina, where they stayed for a month. Muhammad (SM) learned to swim in a pond while he was there. On the journey back to Makka, his mother died at a place called Abwa, where she was buried. Umm Aiman, who was travelling with them, took him on to Makka.

After his mother's death, Muhammad (SM) was brought up by his grandfather, 'Abd al-Muttalib, who loved him very much and was always happy in his company. But when Muhammad (SM) was only eight years old, his grand father also died. He was very sad when his grand father passed away.

After the death of his grand father, Muhammad (SM) was taken care of by his uncle, Abu Talib. Of his eleven uncles, Abu Talib was the only real brother of his father. In his child hood, Muhammad (SM) was quite different from other children. He would never do anything mischievous nor did he quarrel with others. He liked to help his uncle. He did not take part in any of the silly games played by other children of his age.

Once he intended to visit a fair where people behaved badly. On his way he grew tired and went to sleep and he did not arrive there at ail. Allah was protecting him from evil. Though idol-worship was still very common he never took part in it, even when other members of his family worshipped idols. He respected his family and co-operated with his relatives but he never joined in with them if they were doing wrong. Thus AII-Mighty Allah (SWT) saved him from every wrong-doing, even befare his Prophet (SM) hood.

One day, when Abu Talib was about to set out for Syria to trade, Muhammad(SM) asked if he could go with him. His uncle agreed and they set off together. On the way they came to a place called Busraand stopped at a Christian monastery where a monk, named Buhaira, lived. He said: 'Muhammad (SM) is the Chief of the Messengers of God.' When people asked Buhaira why he had said that, he replied that when Muhammad (SM) descended from the nearby mountain, he saw all the trees and rocks kneeling down.

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