The Prophet's Qualities and His Marriage to Khadija (RA)



Even as a young man, Muhammad (SM) had to work hard to earn a living. He looked after other people's goats, and later he gained experience of trading from his visits to Syria with his uncle Abu Talib.  

His truthfulness, honesty, pleasant ways and hard work made him a successful trader. These qualities were given to him by AII-Mighty Allah. He was respected throughout the land. People used to call him Sediq, meaning a person who is very upright and true, and Amin, the trustworthy.

At one time the Quraish decided to rebuild the Ka'ba, to re-set the stones aboye the foundations. In one of the corners they wanted to put the black stone, but could not decide who should have the honour of placing it there. They would have quarrelled violently if the young man they all admired and trusted had not come by.

They asked Muhammad (SM) to settle the dispute. He told them to spread a large cloak and place the black stone in the middle. They did so. Then, he asked aman from each of the four c1ans who were in dispute to take hold of a corner of the c1oak. In this way they all shared the honour of carrying the stone. When they reached the place where it was to be put, Muhammad (SM) him self took the stone and set it in the wall. This incident shows clearly how much he was respectedand admired for his justice and wisdom.

Among those who came to know of the Prophet's reputation was a rich widow, named Khadija, who belonged to a merchant's family. Through some friends she approached Muhammad who agreed to handle her business affairs. Within ayear of taking over Khadija's business, Muhammad had gathered together her goods for trade and set off on the jou rney to Syria.

Khadija had a servant, named Maisara, in whom she had great confidence. She sent him along to serve Muhammad (SM) and help with the business.

Muhammad (SM), whom Allah had endowed with high principies and honesty did not require any super vision, however. He was able to earn more than three times the expected profit on Khadija's goods. He showed such trustworthiness and kindness that, on returning to Makka, Maisara spoke very highly of him to Khadija.

Khadija was so impressed by the account of Muhammad (SM) which her trusted servant Maisara gaveto her, that, through some friends, she put her proposal of marriage to him. The Prophet accepted Khadija's proposal and they were married. Khadija was forty years old at this time and Muhammad (SM) was twenty-five.  

Their marriage was a happy one and they were blessed with many children. They were respected throughout the community for their secure family life and their readiness to help others.

As the years passed by, Muhammad (SM) began to think more and more about his Creator, Allah. As his devotion to Allah increased he spent much of his time remembering Him in the Cave of Hira, on a mountain near Makka. He usually took food with him to the cave but sometimes, when he was away from his house for a long time, Khadija (Ra) would send food to him.

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