Embryology 2



Professor Moore states in his book about the Middle ages that:
“Growth of science was slow during the medieval period, and few high points of embryological investigation undertaken du ring this age are known to us.”

It is cited in the Qur’aan, that human beings are produced from a mixture of secretions from the male and the female . Several references are made to the creation of a human being from a sperm drop, and it is also suggested that  the resulting organism settles in the woman like a seed, six days after its beginning (the human  blastocyst begins to implant about six days after fertilization.)

The Qur’aan also states that the sperm drop develops - into a clot of congealed blood -(an implanted blastocyst or spontaneously aborted conceptus would resemble a blood clot.) Reference is also made to the leech-like appearance of the embryo. The embryo is not unlike a leech, or bloodsucker, in appearance. The embryo is also said to resemble – a chewed piece of substance - like gum or wood (somites somewhat resemble the teeth marks in a chewed substance.)” 
The developing embryo was considered to be human at 40 to 42 days and no longer resemble an animal embryo at this stage (the human embryo begins to acquire human characteristics at this stage, as shown on the side pictures. The Qur’aan also states that the embryo develops with  - three veils of darkness. This probably refers to (1) the maternal anterior abdominal wall, (2) the uterine wall, and (3) the amniochorionic membrane.

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