The Prophet Yusuf (Part-4)



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Faithfulness and trustworthiness
The wife of the Aziz was attracted to Yusuf. But Yusuf refused her advances and said: 'No! I will not break my master's trust. He has been good to me and he has treated me well. I fear Allah.'

The wife of the Aziz became angry and complained to her husband, but he knew that she was lying. He knew that Yusuf was trustworthy. He told his wife: 'You are one of those-who are in error. ' (12:29)

Yusuf was well-known in Egypt for his good looks. When anyone saw him, they would say, 'This is no mortal! He can only be a noble angel!' (12:31)

*'Aziz' signified a mightyperson, aking etc ., and wasthetitle given tothose who ruled Mi sr and Alexandria.*

The wife of the Aziz became very angry indeed when Yusuf kept refusing her and she said to him: 'Then you will go to prison!'
Yusuf said, ' I prefer prison.'(12:33)

A few days later, the Aziz decided it was better to send Yusuf to prison. He knew that Yusuf was innocent, but even so Yusuf went to prison .

The warning in the prison
The people in the prison knew that Yusuf was a noble young man with great knowledge and a merciful heart. They loved and respected him.
Two other prisoners told Yusuf about their dreams.
One of them said: 'I dreamedthat I was pressing grapes.'
The other said: 'I dreamed that I was carrying bread on my head and the birds were eating from it. '(12 : 36)

They asked Yusuf to tell them the meaning of their dreams. Yusuf knew the meaning of dreams since he was a Prophet.

In Yusuf's time, people worshipped things other than Allah. They said: 'This is the lord of the earth. This is the lord of the sea. This is the lord of crops. This is the lord of rain.'

Yusuf would hear all that nonsense and weep for the ignorance of the people. He wanted to call people to the worship of Allah .

Allah wanted that to happen also in the prison. Did not the people in prison deserve to be warned? Did not they deserve mercy too? Are not the people in prison slaves of Allah, are not they too sons of Adam?

Even in prison Yusuf was free and brave in spirit. He was poor but generous and open-hearted. The Prophets proclaim the truth everywhere because the truth is a blessing, and the Prophets are generous with blessings in every time and place.

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