Scientist Reverts to Islam



Dr. Tagata Tagasone :  Laa Ilaaha Illallah  Muhammad Rasool Allah (SM)!
This man is uttering the Islamic creed (Shahaadah) and declaring that he is becoming a Muslim. This occurred during the Eighth Saudi Medical Conference, which was convened in Riyadh. He is Professor  Tagata  Tagasone, formerly Head of the Department of Anatomy and Embryology at the University of  Shiang Mai in Thailand. He is now the Dean of the College of the Medicine at the University.

Professor  Tagasone was presented some Qur’aanic verses and Prophetic  Ahadeeth which deal with his specialization in the field of anatomy. He commented that they also had in their Buddhist  books very accurate descriptions of embryonic developmental stages. We told him that we were very anxious and interested to see those descriptions and learn about these books. A year later, Professor  Tagasone came to King  Abdul Aziz University as an outside examiner. We reminded him of the statement he made one year before, but he apologized and said that he in fact had made that statement without ascertaining the matter. However, when he checked the Buddhist books he found that they contained nothing of relevance to the subject.

Upon this we presented to him a lecture written by Professor Keith Moore about the compatibility of modern embryology with what is contained in the Qur’aan and the Sunnah and we asked Professor Tagasone if he knew of Professor Keith Moore. He replied that he knew him of course, adding that Professor Moore was one of the Most world-renowned scientists in that field.

When Professor Tagasone studied this article he also was greatly astonished, so astonished that he reverted to Islam.

Soumy Ana

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