The Oven



Nasrudin was building an oven in his yard. When he finished, he showed it to the neighbors.

"The oven is good," said one of them, "however, it faces North. When it gets windy in the winter, the wind will blow out the fire."

Nasrudin then rebuilt the oven, this time making it face south. When he showed it to his friends, however, one of them said, "It's strong and solid-but it faces south. When wind blows from a certain direction, you won't be able to cook properly."

So Nasrudin rebuilt the oven facing east, and invited his friends back. They examined it, and one said, "Surely you must realize that during certain times of the year, wind will blow the smoke right towards your house!"

Frustrated, Nasrudin decided to build the oven again, but this time put wheels underneath it.

He invited his neighbors over and proudly showed it to them. They looked it over and seemed to approve. Then one of them said, "Nasrudin, congratulations on your new oven."

"Thank you," replied Nasrudin.
Then his friend said, "Might I ask you a favor and borrow that oven tonight. I just would like to use it to make a fine meal for my acquaintance that is coming over. I will return it to you tomorrow."

Nasrudin agreed, and the friend wheeled off the oven. That day, Nasrudin bought lots of meat preparing for a barbecue of his own.

His friend brought back the barbecue the next morning, and Nasrudin went off to work.
When he got, however, his wife told him, "That stupid idea of your-that
"What do you mean?" Nasrudin said.

She replied, "First your friend borrowed it, and we could not use it. And today, while I was buying the meat for our barbecue, some thieves came here and stole it from our yard!"

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