The Prophet Settles in Madina



The Prophet (SM) migration (Hijra) as commanded by Allah (SWT) marks a turning point in the history of Islam. The Islamic calendar is based on this evento The year consists of twelve months, starting with Muharram and ending with Dhu al-Hijja.

News that the Prophet (SM) had left Makka spread throughout Madina. Muslims there looked forward to his arrival. Every day they gathered at the town gates to welcome him. It was on a Monday aftemoon, 12th Rabi al-Awwal that a Jew, who was working at the top of a fort, saw the Prophet(SM) party approaching the town.

Prophet(SM) party approaching the town. The Prophet (SM), ciad in white, was riding acame!. The [ew shouted: 'O people, here is the one you have been waiting for.' The news filled the Muslims with great joyo They dressed in their best clothes. The men put on armour and drew their swords, as was their custom for receiving a noble persono Then they made their way to Harra, on the outskirts of Madina, to welcome the Prophet (SM).  

As the Prophet(SM) and Abu Bakr (Ra) entered the town, the waiting Muslims' joy knew no bounds. It was the best day of their lives.

The Prophet (SM)spent a few days at Quba, a small village three miles from the entrance to Madina. Kulthum ibn Hadm, chief of the Aws, had the privilege of being his, host. The Prophet laid the foundation stone of amosque in Quba which Abu Bakr (Ra), 'Umar and other Companions helped to build.

It was on a Friday that the Prophet(SM) and Abu Bakr (Ra) set out for Madina. When they reached Bani Salim, it was time for the Midday Prayer. The Prophet (SM) offered the prayer and delivered the sermon (khutba). This was the first Friday Congregational Prayerwith a sermon in the history of Islam.

AII the Muslims were full of joyo Madina was crowded with the Prophet(SM) devoted followers. Women watched the scene from the rooftops of their houses while the children took an active part in the welcome. Young girls sang in praise of him and everyone welcomed him warmly. Almost everyone asked the Prophet to be their guest. To decide the matter, the Prophet said that he would stay wherever his she-camel, Qaswa, knelt down. The Prophet (SM) knew that Allah would guide his camel to stop at a suitable place.

Finally the camel stopped in the locality of Bani al-Najjar, the tribe to which the Prophet (SM) mother had belonged.

The piece of land belonged to two young orphans, Sahl and Suhayl. The Prophet (SM) decided to build amosque and his own rooms there. The two brothers wanted to give the land to the Prophet (SM) as a gift, but he insisted on paying them for it.

The Prophet (SM) laid the foundations of the masque, then he, his Companions and many willing helpers completed the rest of the building. The walls were of mud and stone and the pillars of palm. Two rooms were also built at one side of the mosqueo They were very small and the  ceilings were very low. Until they were ready, the Prophet (SM) was the guest of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, who was delighted to have the Prophet (SM) stay in his house.

The Prophet (SM) now turned his attention to the affairs of the Muslim community. Many Muslims had migrated to Madina and the community was made up of the Muhajirun (Emigrants) who had come from Makka, and the Ansar (Helpers) who lived in Madina.

The Prophet (SM) knew that the newcomers to Madina needed to be able to earn their own living so that they could settle down quickly. He told the Ansar: 'These Muhajirun are your brothers in faith. You should treat them as your own brothers.' The Ansar readily agreed to the Prophet (SM) proposal. Each of them accepted a Muhajir as his brother, took him into his house and offered him half of aH his belongings.

It was a gesture of great sacrifice on the part of the Ansar. The Muhajirun were overwhelmed by such generesity and brotherly love. Because of this help they were soon able to earn their own living and repay their Ansarbrothers.

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