The Man and the Moon



It was the time when Umar Ibn-e-Khattah (Ra) was the Caliph.
The month of fasting had come around. A crowd of people ran to a
hilltop to draw a good omen from the sight of the crescent moon.

'See, Umar!' cried one. The new moon!'

Umar did not see any moon in the sky.

'This moon he remarked to the man, 'has risen from your 
imagination. Otherwise, how is it that I do not see the pure crescent,
seeing that I am a better scanner of the skies than you? Wet your hand, 1
he went on,' and rub it on your eyebrows, then take another look at the
new moon. 1

The man wetted his eyebrows, and no more saw the moon.

Tes,' commented Umar (Ra) 'The hair of your eyebrow became
a bow and shot at you an arrow of surmise

One hair through becoming crooked had waylaid him completely,
so that he falsely claimed boastfully to have seen the moon.

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