The Prophet Musa (Part-16)



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The testing of the Israelites
As people knew that Pharaoh was hostile to the Israelites, they sided with him and displayed their hostility towards them also. Their children were rude to the Israelites and their dogs chased them. Every day brought a new trial. Every night brought a new disaster.

Musa consoled his people and advised them to be patient. He told them: 'Pray for Allah's help and be patient. The land belongs to Allah.He will be queathit to whomever of His slaves He wills. The final outcome belongs to those who fear Allah.' (7: 128)

The Israelites disliked this trial and persecution and told Musa: 'You haven't helped us at all! You haven't spared us anything! We were harmed before you came to us and after you came to us.' (7: 129)

But Musa was not alarmed. He did not despair. He said, 'Perhaps your Lord will destroy your enemy and will appoint you successors in the land, so that He can see how you act.'

Musa said: 'O my people, if you believe in Allah,you must trust in Him, if you have surrendered yourselves to Him. '

They said: 'We have put our trust in Allah, our Lord. Do not make us a temptation for the wrong-doing people. Save us by Your mercy from the people of the unbelievers.' (10: 84-6)

Pharaoh had forbidden the Israelites from worshipa­ping Allah. He was angry when he saw them worshipping Him or praying to Him. He had forbidden them from making mosques for Allah in his land . It enraged him to see Allah being worshipped in his land.

How ignorant of Allah he was! The land belongs to Allah, not to any Pharaoh. Who could be more unjust than someone whoforbids Allah's slaves from worshipping Allah in Allah's land . Who could be more unjust than someonewhocalls on peopleto worship himselfin Allah's . land?

But Pharaoh could not keep people from doing whatever they liked intheir own homes! Allah commanded the Israelites on the tongue of Musa: 'Make your houses a direction for men to pray, and perform the prayer.' (10: 87)

Pharaoh and his guards were powerless to prevent the Israelites worshipping Allah. Who can come between a slave and his Lord? Who can come between a Muslim and the worship of Allah?

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