The Prophet Musa (Part-27)



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Then al-Khadir informed Musa: 'As for the boat, it belonged to some poor people who worked upon the sea. I wanted to damage it since there was a king behind them who was seizing every [sound] boat by force.(18:79)

As for the boy, his parents were believers and we feared that he would grieve them with insolence and disbelief on them. We wanted for their Lord to give them a better one in purity and closer in affection.(18: 80-1)

As for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city. There was a treasure under it which belonged to them. Their father was a righteous man so your Lord wantedfor them to comeofageandthen bring forth their treasure as a mercy from your Lord.(18:81)
'I did not do it of my own bidding. That is the interpretation of what you couldnotbear patiently.' (18: 82)

Then Musa realized that no-one could encompass all of Allah's knowledge and that some people have some of I-lis knowledge while other people have another part 'of it. Over everyone endowed with knowledge there is one more knowing.(12:76)

The Israelites after Musa
Musa died while the Israelites were still wandering in the land as a punishment from Allah and asa repayment for what they had done.

Allah afflicted them with abasement and poverty a.nd they deserved His anger. They had angered Allah, the One who had appointed Prophets from among them and made them kings and had given them what He had not given any other people in their time.

Allah, the One Who had rescued them from the people of Pharaoh who were subjecting them to an evil punishment, slaughtering their sons and letting their daughters live.

Allah, the One Who had divided the sea for them and had rescued them and drowned the people of Pharaoh before their eyes.

Allah, the One Who had made the clouds shade them and had sent down manna and salwa for them. Allah, the One Who had made the earth gush forth springsfor them and had given them ample food anddrink. They repaid all that by rejecting the signs of Allah, rebelling and transgressing.

They angered their Prophet Musa, the kindest of Allah's creatures to them, the one who was kinder to them than their own fathers and mothers. He was as tender to them as a wet-nurse is to the baby she feeds, as a tender mother is towards her child.

The one they cursed, prayed for them. Whenever they laughed at him, he wept. Whenever they were harsh to him, he had pity on them.

He was the one who had rescued them from the tyrant Pharaoh and brought them out of Egypt to a land of freedom and honour, from a life of wretched slavery to a life of noble freedom.

They angered him, injured him, doggedly opposed him, mocked him, and considered him to be the humblest man among them while he was the most noble in the eyes of Allah.

Did they not deserve their punishment, wretched­ness and constant wandering, and that they will never prosper? Yes, they indeed deserve all this and even worse because of their evil deeds: 'Allah did not wrong them. But they wronged themselves.'(16:33)

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