The Prophets Da'ud and Sulayman (Part-3)



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Fine understanding and deep knowledge
Sulayman's intelligence and sound judgement was shown in a case which was presented before his noble father. There was avineyard full ofgrape-vines which were full of grapes. Some sheep belonging to another person entered the vineyard and ruined it. Da'ud gave ajudgement that the sheep should be given to the owner of the vines in compensation . Sulayman said: 'That is not the more correct judgement, O Prophet of Allah .' Da'ud asked: 'What should it be then?' Sulayman said: 'Give the vines to the owner of the sheep and let him restore them to their previous condition. Give the sheep to the owner of the vines and he can profit from them until the vines are restored to their proper condition. Then the vines will be returned to their owner and the sheep will be returned to their owner.'

Allah gave him fine understanding and deep knowledge. Allah said: 'And Da'ud and Sulayman when they gave judgement concerning the fields, when the sheep of the people strayed there, and We were witnesses to their judgement. We made Sulayman understand it. We gave both of them judgement and knowledge.'(21:78-9)

Sulayman knew the language of the birds and animals
The Qur'an tells a delightful story which illustrates Sulayman's wisdom in the management of his kingdom and his awesome power. It shows how Allah joined for him the happiness of this world and the Next World. With Sulayman, his kingdom in this world strengthened his work as Prophet and Messenger of the true religion.

Sulayman knew the language of birds and animals. Once he mustered his armies of jinn, men and birds and rode among them in splendour and might. They were perfectly organized and arranged under the command of their leaders. Sulayman passed by the Valley of the Ants. One of the ants, afraid that the hooves of the horses would crush his tribe without Sulayman and his armies being aware of it, ordered his fellow-ants to go into their dwelling-places. Sulayman heard and understood this. Being a Prophet of Allah, his response was not ruled by pride or arrogance. Rather, Sulayman was moved to praise Allah and to be grateful for His blessing. Supplication and success are part of right action and treading in the path of the righteous slaves of Allah.

The  story of the  hoopoe
The hoopoe was Sulayman's scout and his eyes to seek out for him watering places and camp sites for the army. On one occasion, Sulayman could not locate the bird and this annoyed him. The hoopoe was away for quite a time before finally returning with this news for Sulayman: 'I have learned something that neither you nor your armies know. I have brought you true information about the kingdom of Sheba. It is a great and a vast state. But in spite of the intelligence and skill of the people, and their good leadership, I found them to be ignorant and foolish. They prostrate to the sun instead of Allah. They have no understanding and will not be guided to the worship of Allah alone.'

Sulayman calls the Queen of  Sheba to true  religion
It grieved the Prophet of Allah to learn of such a kingdom, with a people he had not known about. His call had not been able to reach these people so they still worshipped the sun. The zeal of Prophethood moved him to write to their idol-worshipping Queen, calling her to Islam and submission, before he advanced with his powerful armies to conquer her land. He wrote her an eloquent letter in which he called on her to enter Islam and submit to him. The letter, which was polite but firm, expressed prophetic humility as well as kingly honour.

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