The Prophets Zakariyya and Yahya (Part-2)



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Good  news of a son
Allah answered his prayer and sent him the good news of a righteous son soon to be born . Man was created hasty. Zakariyya asked for a sign of this great event and how near it was. He said: 'My Lord, give me a sign.'
He said: 'Your sign is that you will not speak to people for three days except by gestures. Remember your Lord often and glorify Him in evenings and mornings.'(3:41)

Allah can make the articulate tongue dumb, unable to utter a single word. He can endow whatever creatures He wills with whatever properties He wills.

The signs of  Allah and  His power
The signs of Allah and His power were evident in Zakariyya's body, and his house and family. Yahya was born. He delighted Zakariyya, assisted him and kept his mission alive.

The Qur'an says: And Zakariyya, when he called unto his Lord: 'O my Lord, do not leave me alone. You are the best of inheritors.' We answered him, and gave him Yahya and We set his wife right for him. They vied with each other, hastening to good works and called to Us in yearning and awe. They were humble to Us. (21 :89-90)

Yahya takes on the  burden  of  the  call
Yahya was a delight to his parents and a successor to his noble father. He took on the burden of calling to Allah and the pure religion . He had a great passion for knowledge when he was still a boy and he was endowed with righteousness and taqwa even as a young man. He surpassed his comrades in love, compassion, and obedience to his parents so that people would point him out.
Allah says when He addresses him: 'O Yahya, take the Book with force. ' We gave him judgement as a child, and tenderness and purity from Us. He was Cod-fearing and dutiful to his parents, not arrogant and rebellious. 'Pesce be upon him the day he was born, the day he dies and the day when he will be raised up elive!' (19: 12-15)

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